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  • November 3, 2021
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Internal Purchasing Supervisor E-Learning

Virtual training of internal purchasing manager: Procurement is one of the most important activities of the organization that has a continuous relationship with all different parts of the organization, including accounting and finance, personnel, warehousing, purchasing, production, design, development, and maintenance. Another reason for the importance of procurement is its intermediary role, which creates a relationship between different parts of the organization and many external centers. Given this importance, the use of appropriate methods and solutions, including various procurement software will have a great impact on improving the organization’s processes.

Main duties of the internal purchasing supervisor:

  1. Purchase raw materials and additives in accordance with the order form.
  2. Evaluate suppliers after each purchase.
  3. Creating an archive to record the purchase and supply records of suppliers.
  4. Follow up on all administrative and commercial matters of the purchased materials until they reach the factory.
  5. Follow up on problems with purchased materials until the problem is resolved.
  6. Carrying out all registration of purchase orders abroad.
  7. Submitting the purchase report and evaluation of suppliers to the business manager.
  8. All responsibilities and duties assigned by the relevant manager.
  9. Arranging the purchase contract and following up on their performance.
  10. Participate in purchase contract follow-up meetings.
  11. Announcing the purchase amount to the financial unit for payment.

Internal Shopping Supervisor Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Ability to identify effective factors in the workplace
  • Ability to use a computer
  • Ability to plan the relevant current system to purchase goods
  • Ability to deliver purchased goods to the warehouse
  • Ability to purchase goods required by units

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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