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  • November 3, 2021
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Internal Shopping Planner E-Learning

Virtual training is an internal shopping planner, to get acquainted with the concepts and tasks of procurement and purchasing. Today, with the growth of technology, especially in the field of information technology, the nature of supply and procurement is changing rapidly, and society and organizations are increasingly affected by fierce competition, new business activities, quality, product and process design, focus, and decentralization. Observe being, innovation, ensuring long-term product supply and.

Importance of purchasing and logistics:
The importance of procurement and procurement processes stems from the fact that procurement and procurement are in a continuous relationship with all parts of the organization, including procurement, finance, warehousing, personnel, production, maintenance, design and research and development, engineering, and so on. Has a more or less active working relationship with all elements of the organization. Such connections will become even more important when we know that the purchasing and procurement sector also plays the role of a reliable link between the internal elements of an organization and many centers outside the organization. In addition to departments, many processes in organizations, especially in the project implementing organizations, are interconnected by the procurement process.

On the other hand, project procurement management is a comprehensive, systematic, and systematic solution that integrates the basics of communication with vendors and contractors, ie inquiry, bidding, procurement, monitoring, and more precise control of the procurement process. Processes used in procurement management, accurate registration and automation of procurement processes and optimization of interactions and business relationships within and outside the organization with the aim of optimizing the organization’s relationship with providers of goods and services inside and outside The country make it possible. The ultimate goal of project management and procurement management is to complete and deliver the project on time and qualitatively.

The chapters of the internal shopping planner virtual training course are:
Decide to buy and choose a seller
Purchasing decisions
The process of purchasing and delivering goods
Types of purchases
Receive price and conclude a contract
Principles of Negotiation
Financing and concluding a contract
Prerequisites for the internal shopping planner training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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