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  • November 3, 2021
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Investigating The Position Of Skills In Resistance Economics E-Learning

Virtual education examines the position of skills training in a resistance economy, including competencies in the field of finance and business service group services. The course includes the following tasks: reviewing the position of technical and professional organizations in the resistance economy, reviewing the law requiring technical and vocational training for employment.

What is a resistance economy?
According to some economists, resistance economics, this type of economy is usually in a dream and confrontation with the dependent and consumer economy of a country. Who is not passive and has resisted the economic goals of domination. It should be noted that resistance economics makes sense in the event of a war. It is against the economic war as well as the soft war of the enemy that the resistance economy finds meaning.

Weaknesses of the resistance economy:
The presence of intermediaries and brokers prevents the creation of a fair share in the production-to-consumption chain.
The country’s imports of basic consumer goods continue to be mainly from limited and specific countries. This factor can cause many problems in the supply process and price of these products.
The existence of numerous administrative letters and decisions of the creation of the government of the hour and complex bureaucracies of the operation and process of foreign trade in the country has caused problems.
There are no effective enforcement mechanisms in the field of domestic banking relations with foreign banks in order to reduce the risk of foreign trade during sanctions.
The chapters of the e-learning course examining the position of skills training in resistance economics are:
Investigating the position of technical and vocational education organizations in the resistance economy
Investigating the characteristics of skills training in the resistance economy of employment
Review of laws related to technical and vocational training for employment
Prerequisites for a training course in resistance economics:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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