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  • November 3, 2021
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Investigating The Relationship Between Resistance Economy And Employment E-Learning

Virtual education examining the relationship between a resilient economy and employment: Population change has had far-reaching potential effects on many aspects of human life, such as economic, social, market, education, and so on. Finding a relationship between population and employment and economic growth can play an important role in countries’ basic planning.

Resistance economics contains a new point. And now resistance economics is not just an idea, a theory, a slogan, a goal, and a strategy. Rather, it is a plan, and the most important aspect of a plan is its operational feasibility. In recent years, we have faced a trend of complexity in the employment market, which we will face in the coming years. Therefore, in this regard, we need to plan in the meetings of the Command Headquarters of the Resistance Economy. There is a relationship between economic empowerment or volatility reduction and the strategy of a resistance economy in developing countries.

Given that uncertainty in the macroeconomy creates an uncertain environment in the market, the government incurs costs to create economic stability through monetary or fiscal policies, which increases government spending and thus reduces the resilience of the economy. Simplifying the lives of managers and people, supporting national production, economic rationality, and a productive inward look are ways of economic growth. The village-cooperative and internship plan is another resistance plan intended to create employment. Investigating the relationship between resistance economics and employment is one of the competencies of the service sector and the occupational group of finance and trade. It includes studies on the concept of employment, studies on ways of empowering the labor force in the resistance economy, and studies on the geographical advantage of the country’s regions in the resistance economy.

Virtual education topics examining the relationship between resistance economics and employment:

  • A study of ways of empowering the workforce in a resistance economy
  • Exploring the concept of employment
  • Investigating the geographical advantages of the country’s regions in the resistance economy
  • Investigating the geographical advantages of the country’s regions in the resistance economy

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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