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  • November 3, 2021
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Javascript Web Design & Programming E-Learning

Virtual programming language training and website design with JavaScript language, JavaScript is a programming language that is embedded in HTML code and runs on the visitor browser. This language has the ability to change the contents of the elements displayed on the browser of the visitor so that it is possible to make the pages dynamic or dynamic.

Basic features of JavaScript

JavaScript is case sensitive:
That is, everything like variables, function names, operators, and everything else is case sensitive. For example, a variable called a Test is different from a variable called test.

Variables are of type:
Unlike languages ​​like Java and C, variables do not have a specific type. Instead, each variable can be defined with the var keyword and accept a value as the initial value. In fact, variables are value-oriented. That is, when they are defined, their type is also specified. This feature allows you to change the type of data stored in a variable anywhere in the JavaScript program.

Placing (;) at the end of each command is optional.
Commands in JavaScript can be: or; To end or not. If you ignore; , JavaScript will consider the end of each line as the end of the command.

List of topics in the JavaScript language programming language and web design course:

  • JavaScript reference
  • JavaScript & Ajax Movies
  • JavaScript Essential Training Movies
  • Comprehensive JavaScript tutorial
  • Begining JavaScript
  • JavaScript Programmer Refrence

JavaScript programming and web design language course are useful for the following disciplines:
Information Technology
Prerequisites for JavaScript programming and web design language course:

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