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  • November 3, 2021
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Linux Operating System Basics E-Learning

Virtual tutorials on the basics of the Linux operating system introduce people to the basics of the Linux system and the operating system. The Linux operating system is one of the most powerful operating systems on the market that is offered as open-source. It is also especially popular among software engineers. To get acquainted with the Linux operating system, you should know that the UNIX operating system (Unix) was developed and expanded in 1971 by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. It was an expensive operating system and not all people could use it easily. So the Linux system, which is very similar to Unix and its sub-branches, was chosen as a successor. In 1991, Toralds Linux built the core of Linux. The Linux operating system is supported by many companies.

What are the core tasks of a Linux operating system?
The most important tasks of the Linux software kernel are:

Data storage: Data storage is done in random access memory, either in permanent memory or in a virtual file system.
Computer network access
Use input and output tools such as a mouse, keyboard, webcam, and USB flash drive
Security: This security can include the security of resources as well as various users and user groups.
What are the benefits of a Linux operating system?

  • Free: Linux has a very special advantage over other operating systems because it is open source and available to others for free. Because there is no cost for the user.
  • High security: Due to the open source nature of Linux, many people work on its security every day and block insecure holes.
  • Linux fast.
  • Strong support.
  • No need to install drivers.

List of Linux OS Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Linux programming
  • Information
  • Linux operating system
  • ubuntu

The Linux Basics course is useful for the following disciplines:
software engineering
Prerequisites for the Linux operating system basics training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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