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  • November 3, 2021
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MBA Level 1 -E-Learning

Virtual Business Management Training – Level 1: Abbreviation for Master of Business Administration is a master’s degree in management and the highest degree is a professional degree in business. Since the early twentieth century, there have been international assessment bodies to assess the value of these courses. This period was first planned in the United States in the late nineteenth century as a result of the country’s industrialization and scientific approach to management.

more details:

This course aims to introduce the topics and topics of different disciplines related to management, the knowledge of which is necessary for a manager. It has been designed and compiled in a distinctive and unique way. Selected chapter for this course according to the expertise and experiences of experts in the field of shortcomings and deficiencies in the courses of the University of Management. And according to the latest valid and privileged practical sources of management and with a local and practical view in terms of the latest global and national changes and developments has been prepared and adjusted.

What you will learn in the Virtual Business Management – Level 1 training course:

  • The best pre-maintenance certification courses
  • Basic marketing principles such as SWOT, 4Ps, 7Ps and STP.
  • Advanced marketing concepts such as BCG matrix, mantra brand, BAV model, product life cycle, brand and line extension.
  • Different marketing channels used by companies
  • How to sell and market your product
  • Business strategy used by startups.
  • 3 key services business strategy to dominate the retail market.
  • Single economy matrix.
  • Pricing strategies such as price penetration, price packaging and price reduction
  • Problems with collections, platform trading, and network effects
  • Competitive attack such as Flank, position defense, preventive attack, counter attack
  • How Netflix and Amazon offer product engine
    Who is this course for:
  • Graduated in business from the university
  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders
  • An engineer who is curious to teach some MBA concepts

Prerequisites for Business Management Course – Level 1:

  • A new mindset and curiosity is more than enough to learn

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