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  • November 3, 2021
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Multimedia Builder With CUBASE E-Learning

Virtual training is a multimedia maker with QUBIS (composing), a multimedia maker with QUBIS (composing) in the field of information technology. The competencies of this job include MIDI Setup and Audio Setup settings, an overview of the software environment, working with Tracks, working with Instrument vst virtual instruments list, editing, quantizing midi notes, creating multi-channel virtual instruments, color selection Or project cracks, live MIDI data processing, MIDI channel settings, working with MIDI functions, working with tools and recognizing shortcuts, mixing, using Marker, working with left and right flags locators and cycle, work With recording, playback and tempo, subtraction and metronome, work with sound. The user of Qubis software is in touch with all artistic and current jobs in the world.

Qubis Software History:
As you know, QUBIS training is one of the best hosting software in the field of tuning, composing and editing audio. This software is made by a powerful German company called Steinberg. Qubis has become the most popular music hosting software among millions of musicians, producers, and sound engineers around the world.

Reasons to use Cubis:
This software has great capabilities, some of which we mentioned:

  • Unparalleled sound quality
  • Edit video files
  • Edit audio files
  • Advanced recording tools
  • Mixing and mastering tools

List of multimedia creator virtual training courses with QUBIS (composing):

  • Tutorial for composing and recording sound
  • Introduction to Cubis
  • Familiarity with multimedia environments

Prerequisites for a multimedia maker training course with QUBIS (composing):
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.
Get a degree at the Iranian Virtual Education Foundation in a short time.

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