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  • November 3, 2021
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Operator Of The Accounting Legal And Financial Notebooks E-Learning

Virtual bookkeeping training of legal accounting offices, to get acquainted with the concepts and rules of accounting offices. The bookkeeping standard of legal accounting offices is one of the competencies of jobs in the field of services of the Finance and Commerce Group and includes tasks: identifying positive financial documents and accounting documents, recording financial events in newspaper and general offices, business office (income and expenses) and specific office, identification Laws related to the writing of books in the law (business, direct taxes and registration of documents), the steps of closing legal offices, keeping documents and financial records and is related to the job of an accountant.

What are accounting offices (legal offices)?
Legal offices are the place of registration of all financial events after registration in accounting documents. In fact, financial events, after being recorded in accounting documents and approved by management, are recorded and kept in accounting books designated by law. These books, which are approved by law, are called accounting books or legal accounting books.

Types of accounting books:
Official (legal) offices: These are offices that must be prepared and regulated by law, and in this case, there is a legal obligation. Official and legal offices are divided into newspaper offices and the general office.
Informal (auxiliary) books: These are books that do not have to be prepared and are set up only to facilitate and accuracy in accounting and better maintenance of accounts. The specific office is the most famous informal office.
The chapters of the virtual bookkeeping training course of legal accounting offices are:
Identify positive financial documents and accounting document
Registration of financial events in the newspaper and general offices, business office (income and expenses), and specific office
Identify the laws related to how to write books (in commercial law, direct taxes, and document registration)
Seal legal offices in accordance with the law of registration
Maintaining financial documents
Prerequisites for Accounting Training Legal Accounting Offices:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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