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  • November 3, 2021
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Oracle Systems Design Engineer E-Learning

Oracle Systems Designer Virtual Training: Oracle is a powerful and useful database. One of these structures is the interconnection of SQL levels, called a database communication management system, or RDBMS. Oracle, like some companies, adheres to the American International Industry Standards (ANSI) SQL, which includes the addition of functions. The basic structure of data stored in the Oracle database is on a table, which contains columns and attributes. In other words, Oracle is a database. The relational database management system is responsible for maintaining and retrieving information. It works in most environments such as Solaris, Linux, Unix, Mac Servo, Open VMs, and even Windows Server.

Form Design Engineer in ORACLE is a computer engineer who can work in computer engineering teams in IKT, ICT, IT teams in Oracle Analyst / Programmers, Oracle Technicians, Oracle DBA, Training Oracle Developers. Also, the form design engineer in ORACLE is someone who is responsible for recognizing the basic and basic concepts, working with the basic design elements, formatting a form, performing Multiple Block Forms. Work with Windows and Canvases, work with Items, work with Data Lists, Form .. with Form Applications, work with general development techniques سیستم System development and work with WEB Features.

Oracle Systems Designer Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Oracle Database Brochure
  • Oracle and Database
  • Oracle History

Oracle Features:

  • Oracle Database is a cross-platform. This software can run on different hardware in different operating systems. Run Windows Server, Unix and various GNU / Linux distributions.
    Oracle Database is a stack network. This feature allows you to connect to the Oracle Database through another platform. For example, programs running on Windows can connect to the Oracle Database running on Unix.
  • ACID compatible with the database, which helps maintain data integrity and reliability.

Prerequisites for Oracle Systems Designer Training Course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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