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  • November 3, 2021
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Receiver Of The Order E-Learning

Customer Virtual Training: One of the requirements for importing goods to the country is to register the goods order and before that to receive the goods order registration license from the Trade Development Organization as one of the subdivisions of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. Accordingly, receiving a pre-invoice from the seller and registering the order is one of the initial steps of importing goods. The goods order registration license is a document issued by the Trade Development Organization of Iran and on it is written the eight-digit number of the license and the date of the order registration license along with the number and date of Proforma and the name of the applicant company that can be the importing company.

He is an expert in job orders in the field of commercial finance. Where skills such as applying job regulations, applying organizational structure instructions, conducting administrative correspondence, convening meetings and negotiations, concluding contracts, participating in tenders and auctions, and communicating with the planning unit and ordering materials and equipment in And is associated with jobs such as production manager and planning manager.

Order registration steps for importing goods

  • Knowledge of the tariff code of the goods registered in the order
    Obtaining proforma or sales invoice from the seller of the goods
  • Completing the system order registration form through the goods order registration system for electronic approval by the relevant experts.
    Refer to reputable insurance companies and obtain freight insurance (for importing all goods)
    Registering the goods order in the transaction interface bank in order to register the goods order. (After completing the application form for opening the credit, along with the bank form, proforma, insurance policy and license, the order registration fee will be paid).
    Types of goods order registration
    There are different types of order registration, which include:
  • Register a visual order
  • Order registration is valid
  • Registration of Usance order
  • Registration of export-based order and documentary credit without currency transfer

Prerequisites for the client’s virtual training course:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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