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  • November 3, 2021
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Responsible For Inquiries And Tenders E-Learning

Virtual Education Responsible for Inquiries and Tenders: A job in finance and business. This job includes skills such as applying the job regulations, applying the general and economic rules and conditions of the contract. It collects and analyzes information, selects and identifies suppliers, provides information, collects tips and announces results, and prepares reports. It is also associated with jobs such as purchasing manager, business manager, and legal unit.

Some features of the inquiry process:
Establish labor justice among contractors through division of labor
Ability to register inquiries manually or through the system
Separation of intermediate and partial inquiries
Ability to select the winner outside the ceremony
SMS notification to authorized contractors
Ability to view inquiry documents and pricing in various ways by each contractor at a specified time
Possibility to extend the inquiry time
Check the bid prices and complete the inquiry documents by the managers
Ability to send and print contracts in the contractor and organization card
Has the ability to set the start and end of the contract
Fully web-based and online with the ability to link with other systems
The bidding process is as follows:
Determining the type of tender in large trades
Preparation of tender documents
Qualitative evaluation of bidders if necessary
Call for tenders
Evaluate suggestions
Determining the winner of the tender and concluding the contract
Virtual training course topics responsible for inquiries and tenders:

  • Ability to apply job regulations and instructions
  • Ability to apply the terms of the agreements and the general and specific terms of the contract
  • Ability to collect, analyze and analyze information related to the subject of the case and the tender
  • Ability to select suppliers
  • Ability to inform and use tender and inquiry solutions
  • Ability to collect packages and announce the top supplier for the contract
  • Ability to prepare reports and reports

Prerequisites for the e-learning course responsible for inquiries and tenders:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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