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  • November 3, 2021
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Responsible For Internal Purchase E-Learning

Virtual training responsible for internal procurement: Internal procurement planning of goods and services is one of the main concerns of large and leading organizations. Avoiding the accumulation and lack of timely supply of goods and services, access to the most appropriate sources of purchase and holding tenders, and price inquiries are the main needs of all organizations, especially commercial and manufacturing companies. Sadra Afzar’s internal procurement system, in addition to covering all purchasing strategies and maintaining integrity, allows users to accurately track each purchase request from the point of registration to the delivery of goods to the warehouse.

Responsible for internal purchasing (industries) in the field of finance and business – accounting and has competencies such as reviewing, amending, and finalizing contracts, monitoring purchases and quality control and delivery of goods to the warehouse, and responding to purchase discrepancies. This job is related to the accountant and purchasing manager working in private and public companies and institutions.

Virtual training course topics for internal shopping:

  • Reviewing and planning the current system of the company / institution to purchase goods, services and types of purchases
  • Check purchase orders and pre-invoices and select the most appropriate goods / services
  • Analyze and determine purchase sources
  • Analysis of shipping documents of purchased goods
  • Purchase of required goods and units

Features of the training course responsible for domestic procurement:
Issuance of a document requesting the purchase of goods and services based on the request for goods from the warehouse
Grouping of suppliers of goods and the goods themselves in the tree procurement software
Issuance of a document in the procurement software for ordering the purchase of goods and services based on the request to purchase goods
Determining the type of purchase in the procurement software based on receiving inquiries, holding tenders and minor purchases
Issuance of pre-invoice document for purchase of goods and services based on the order for purchase of goods and services in the procurement software
Place the definition of the process in the procurement software for procurement and procurement procedures and the ability to track purchasing operations
Issuance of purchase invoice document and return of purchase of goods and services based on pre-invoice request for purchase of goods and services in the procurement software
Sharing purchase factors in the procurement software, including shipping costs, discounts, tolls, and… on each product and service from the purchase invoice document
Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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