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  • November 3, 2021
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Responsible For Sales In Industries E-Learning

Virtual sales manager training in industry is one of the most practical courses to get acquainted with the duties of a sales manager. When your client is a professional – such as a doctor, accountant, or architect – you will need more than basic sales knowledge to close the deal. To attract these highly-educated buyers, you must clearly demonstrate your credibility and expertise. During this period, Elliott Powell Meridian helps equip sales professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to sell in the professional services market and increase their close relationship. Meridith explains what makes this market unique, examines the various structures of professional service companies, and provides the right questions to gather the information needed. In addition, he talks to her about how to start selling similar professional services when he penetrates the primary market.

The sales manager works directly under the supervision of the business manager and his mission is marketing and acting to conclude domestic production contracts. Provide customer satisfaction to attract as much as possible.

Main duties of the sales manager:
Marketing new products and taking orders from customers and announcing them to the engineering and finance unit
Responding to customers about contracts and their complaints and announcing them to managers
Set up contracts and follow up on their implementation.
Monitor sales of products and follow up based on them.
Getting datasheets from customers in existing cases.
Write a quarterly sales forecast and monthly production plan equal to customer demand and market conditions.
Announcing the selling price of products to customers.
Follow up-to announce invoices to customers.
Participate in follow-up sessions.
Monitor the timely delivery of products to customers.
The chapters of the e-learning course responsible for sales in industries are:
What makes the professional services market unique.
Create credit
Sales to different markets
Prepare the right consumption questions
Expand customer relationship
Strategic pursuit
Prerequisites for the training course responsible for sales in industries:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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