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  • November 3, 2021
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Sales Representative E-Learning

Sales Representative Virtual Training: This course is designed for aspiring sales representatives, new sales representatives, and experienced sales representatives who call from sales centers. These sales centers include retailers and wholesalers in the high-speed consumer goods and hardware industry. Even if you do not have previous sales representative experience, you can go out and grow your sales continuously until you have completed this course.

This course will help you make a decision because you have a very clear understanding of what to expect from a good salesperson. And lots of bonus content to help you in your career. Additional topics include topics such as pointing to a good CV, questions you ask in an interview, and how to change jobs in overseas sales. I have traveled nationally and internationally to educate sales representatives and traders on how to grow my sales, where I have offered the same course. If you are not sure if you want to be a sales representative, this course will help you decide. Because it has a very clear understanding of the expectations of a good sales representative.

What you will learn in the sales representative virtual training course:

  • Principles of sales agency to be very successful
  • Advanced skills for successful sales representatives
  • Strategic and advanced sales techniques
  • Expand the domain in your existing customer base
  • Route planning, frequency visits, scheduling, flooring and prices
  • Sales in new ranges, brands and categories for your customer
  • How to manage field sales teams (merchants)
  • How to prioritize your customer visit
  • How to turn product knowledge into sales
  • How to identify opportunities in stores and how to turn opportunities into sales
  • How to handle protests
    Who is the right sales representative training course?
  • People who are interested in becoming a sales representative will contact the retail and wholesale centers
  • People who work in retail but are interested in working in suppliers. Provides retail and wholesale stores
  • People who own or manage supply companies. They want a great course for their overseas sales team
  • Retail and wholesale sales representatives who want to improve their skills
  • People who wonder what a sales representative looks like. This course will help them decide on a career path

Prerequisites for this course:

  • No experience required – but retail sales exposure is an advantage.

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