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  • November 3, 2021
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Senior Auditor (Controlling Stock And Produce Affairs ) E-Learning

Senior Auditor Virtual Training (Production and Inventory Control): This job is one of the series of jobs in the financial and business occupational group, whose task is to check the proof of existence, proof of ownership, proof of integrity, and accuracy of reflection in financial statements in the form of reporting And control of all accounting documents of the organization is done and is related to the jobs of general, industrial and commercial accountant, auditor, assistant auditor, and audit manager. It is the responsibility of the chief auditor to determine the methods of handling the accounts and to prepare a report of the major points of the audit and reporting work.

Determining the limits and procedures for auditing.
Division of work between auditors and assistant auditors.
Scheduling the review of various parts of the financial statements and submitting the review report to the employer.
Review worksheets prepared by auditors and auditor assistants.
Monitoring the correct implementation of operations execution standards.
Addressing major and fundamental topics and setting the main points of the report.

What you will learn in the virtual auditor training course (production and inventory control):

  • In the first attempt, successfully pass the certified quality auditor
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of the auditor
  • Perform internal quality / internal management system audit with confidence
  • This course is fully consistent with the expertise of a qualified quality auditor provided by most reputable international certification bodies.

Who is the senior auditor training course (production and inventory control) suitable for?

  • People who have a quality certificate auditor exam
  • People interested in conducting internal / external audits
  • Managers and quality managers
  • Quality auditors
  • Other quality professionals who are interested in expanding their role in auditing

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Some industry experiences are preferred.
  • Have a basic understanding of the work processes you want to audit.

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