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  • November 3, 2021
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Senior Auditor (Producing And Controlling Of Goods) E-Learning

Virtual training of senior auditor (production and control of goods) is one of the most practical courses to get acquainted with the duties of the auditor. Compliance with all relevant aspects of accounting and auditing standards for financial events incurred during the period under review that results in the preparation of the financial statements of the entity under review.
Also provide reports of material misstatements and observations that are inconsistent with the principles of the Standards, as well as laws such as the Commercial Code, the Direct Taxes Act, and other laws relating to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

A summary of the topics covered in the Senior Auditor’s course:
Fundamentals of Auditing
Qualitative definitions based on ISO 9000
How can an audit be planned and prepared?
Conducting the opening and closing sessions of the audit
How can it be audited?
Tips and techniques Q question auditing and data collection
How to classify audit findings?
How to prepare an effective report and follow up with the audited person to close the audit?
Continuing Professional Development Units (CPD):
The South African Quality Association (SASQ) recognizes this course for registration and 13 CPD points.
For ASQ (RU) validation units, we recommend 0.40 RU units in the Student group.
For PMI-PDU, we offer 2 technical PDUs and 2 led PDUs in the digital media/webinar group.
requirements :
Some industry experience is preferred.
Basic understanding of audit processes.
Who is this course for:
People interested in conducting internal/external audits
Management representatives
Quality Assurance Managers
Quality control managers
Quality auditors
The chapters of the virtual auditor training course (production and control of goods) are:
Understand the auditor’s roles and responsibilities.
Know the principles, methods, and types of audits.
Prepare for internal/external audits.
Audit the internal/external quality management system.
Prepare an audit report and follow up on the findings.
Prerequisites for the senior auditor training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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