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  • November 3, 2021
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Senior Shopping Agent E-Learning

Virtual Training Senior Purchasing Agent: Senior Purchasing Agent in the field of finance and business – accounting. And competencies such as anticipating the company’s needs, requesting requirements to the extent that it prevents a record of capital, stockpiling assets, reviewing inventory control. Determining the order point and the order table based on the amount of consumption, controlling the account of the goods, and creating facilities for warehousing and timely delivery of the goods received and stored. This job is associated with senior accountants working in companies and private and public institutions.

The job of a senior purchaser in the field of financial services has been formed. It is a job that is very clean and trustworthy and managing property that does not belong to the business is very important.
The person being hired should know the goods well, be very careful in getting the correct invoice, and in giving the information. Know the rules well and most importantly be trustworthy.

Senior Purchasing Agent Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Supply chain analysis and its design to achieve purchasing goals
  • Analysis of purchase types
  • Determine sources of purchase
  • Prepare and adjust the purchase contract
  • Use of e-commerce in corporate purchases
  • Purchase of goods required by the units
  • Analysis of documents for transporting goods purchased from inside and outside the country
  • Analysis of payment and settlement methods with domestic suppliers and institutions

Examples of senior purchasing officer duties:

  1. Ability to buy medium and large goods
  2. Familiarity with medium goods
  3. Familiarity with major goods
  4. Familiarity with transaction regulations

Tender offer
Types of contracts

  1. Familiarity with receiving revolving salary from accounting
  2. Familiarity with the salary summary
  3. Familiarity with supply and distribution authorities and other commercial centers to purchase goods
  4. Familiarity with different types of receipts

warehouse receipt
Delivery receipt
Warehouse certificate
Receipt of property

  1. Identify the principles of purchasing medium and large goods

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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