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  • November 3, 2021
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Software Quality Engineer E-Learning

Virtual Training of Software Quality Engineer: A software Quality Engineer is a computer engineer with a degree in software engineering who can work in software engineering teams in computer centers IT, ICT, IKT, and organizations and companies. Performs in requirements engineering, solutions engineering, coding engineering, test engineering and maintenance engineering, and project management. Also, a software quality engineer is an engineer who is responsible for recognizing SOFTWARE QUALITY, how to perform responsibilities and tasks, working with activities in cycle life software, working with cycle life software models, working with increasing productivity team.

Work with a quality life for testing, Static verification approaches with work, modern control cycle, work with SCM (Management Configuration Software), work with infrastructure tools. Work with CMMI components, perform Improving processes, work with ISO quality standard, work with Structure of an ISO quality system, work with SQA “team”, check whether SQA is done or not, work with metrics domain, design and implement metrics. Work with the structure of a quality system, work with blueprints leading regarding system quality, work with Surviving for the certification process. Develop a QUALITY SYSTEM.

This program is designed for software quality control and assurance manager, project manager, and member of the software development team who is interested in increasing the probability of project success. This course examines processes and methods for quality control and software assurance, as well as support disciplines such as software project management, software configuration management, and releases management. Ensuring successful software is the result of a combination of these methods and SE supplements.

What you will learn in the virtual training course of software quality engineer:

  • Write a software quality plan
  • Define software quality criteria
  • Prepare software quality control lists
  • Develop an overall process improvement plan
  • Understand how to best help your colleagues in product quality
  • Ensure the highest quality products possible
  • Deliver value-added products
  • Help your company to gain more business by providing higher quality

Who is the right software quality engineer training course?

  • Learners and students of quality control, quality assurance and quality management.
  • Software developers
  • Software project managers and team leaders
  • Example: The beginner level course is ideally suited for someone who has little information about software quality assurance.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Have general knowledge about software life cycles
  • No need to know any programming language

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