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  • November 3, 2021
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Store Cashier E-Learning

The store cashier virtual training is one of the most practical courses to get acquainted with the duties of the store cashier. The cash register is one of the most common jobs in the field of receiving and paying services. In fact, a cashier is a person who is responsible for calculating the price of goods and receiving money from the customer, and issuing receipts for goods or services. In any set, the cashier is one of the important financial pillars of a set, and the way the cashier works has a direct impact on the level of customer satisfaction.

How to work as a cashier requires a great deal of precision. The cashier enters the product code into the computer with a barcode reader, receives the amount from the buyer, and registers it in the device. Receipt of the amount is done in both cash and credit. Receipt of cost credit is such that the amount is received with a credit card and the type of receipt of the amount is recorded in the accounting device and books.

The cashier of the store is a person who, after passing these training courses, can be responsible for managing a cash register (the place where the price of goods is calculated and money is received from the customer). The Iranian Virtual Education Foundation, with the aim of educating those who are interested, has organized a virtual cashier training course for store cash registers, written by experienced and experienced professors.

Cashier’s job description:
Record expenses and operations in the accounting office.
Working with a card reader.
Work with a barcode reader.
Archiving documents on a daily basis.
Preservation of valuable property and safety tips.
Document at the end of the shift.
Transfer of funds received to bank accounts and submission of receipts received from banks to the finance unit.
Write a daily report for management at the end of the work shift.
The chapters of the store cashier virtual training course are:
Ability to respond and guide the client
Ability to fix simple fund bugs
Ability to read store merchandise codes
Ability to detect inbox computer messages
Ability to recognize the details of checks and credit cards
Ability to establish human relationships
Ability to recognize vouchers and coupons
Ability to observe administrative ethics and human relations
Ability to observe protection, safety, and occupational health in the workplace
Prerequisites for the store cashier training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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