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  • November 3, 2021
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Supplier E-Learning

Virtual training of the employer: It is a job in the field of administrative-financial affairs. Tasks such as conducting inquiry formalities, carrying out executive formalities, preparing and arranging minutes of meetings, conducting marketing, executing the receipt of revolving salaries, enforcing the rules and regulations related to entrepreneurship. This job is related to jobs such as traders and suppliers of goods.

Job description of the broker:

  • Follow-up and coordination of purchasing the required items and goods according to the order of the superior authority and within the framework of purchase and processing criteria
  • Pursue obtaining price inquiries regarding required items from reputable sellers and suppliers
  • Effort and accuracy to select the best type of goods and materials to buy
  • Prepare a sample of the product and present it to the relevant supervisor to match its specifications
  • Obtain accurate knowledge of technical specifications and prices of goods to ensure compliance with the specifications of the requested items
  • Follow up and take action to transport the purchased goods to the warehouse

Other topics:

  • Delivery of purchased goods to the warehouse and receipt
  • Receive a price inquiry after obtaining credit and receiving the necessary salary
  • Set the cost document of the purchased goods equal to the invoice
  • Submitting documents and receiving reimbursement
  • Deposit the revolving salary account after the completion of the amount to the relevant accountant and accountant and request a revolving salary
  • Take action to register the purchased goods in the relevant offices
  • Performing other tasks assigned in the field of organizational duties by the superior authority

Topics of the virtual training course for the employer:

  • Ability to perform price inquiries before purchasing goods
  • Ability to prepare and set the minutes of meetings related to the clearance of goods and receipt of goods for delivery to the warehouse
  • Ability to do marketing through auctions and tenders
  • Ability to execute revolving salary receipts and prepare documents related to account balances in time periods
  • Ability to enforce rules and regulations and regulations related to business and finance

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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