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  • November 3, 2021
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SYB Entrepreneurship E-Learning

SYB Virtual Entrepreneurship Training: The entrepreneur is challenging, and like a driver. He is the one who creates something new. For example, a new solution, a project, a business, or a new company. The entrepreneur himself may not be an idea maker, but he is certainly the one who decides to turn an idea into reality. He is a leader who moves forward and encourages team members to accompany him. An entrepreneur is someone who sits in the driver’s seat, so he can both change direction and accelerate, slow down, or even finish what he has created.

One of the successful programs of the International Labor Organization for the economic development of communities and business creation by potential and actual entrepreneurs is the SYB training program. Entrepreneurship is a new word that its true meaning cannot be achieved through meaning. This word is derived from the word Entrepreneurship, which is originally derived from the word Entreprendre meaning “commitment”. The main concept and reality are not yet known and a comprehensive definition cannot be provided. But entrepreneurship is a special form of innovation that results from the successful implementation of creative ideas to create or launch a new initiative within a business.

This course includes the necessary work to create a business idea and prepare a useful business plan as a roadmap for potential entrepreneurs. These include:

Creating a business idea
Determining the appropriate target market for the desired product or service
Review and select the legal structure
Hiring the right manpower according to the type of business
Follow the legal steps and..

SYB Virtual Entrepreneurship Training Course Topics:

  • Creating a business idea
  • Determining the appropriate target market for the desired product or service
  • Employing appropriate manpower
  • Follow the legal steps Prerequisites for this course:
  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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