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Technician ( Engineering Insurance) E-Learning
  • By Oxford Certificate
  • November 3, 2021
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Technician ( Engineering Insurance) E-Learning

Virtual training of technicians (technicians) Engineering insurance: infrastructure projects, civil engineering, industrial and construction structures in all stages of construction, from the start of the project and the entire period of installation of equipment and machinery, as well as in the test and commissioning period to temporary delivery, in They are exposed to various risks and damages resulting from the occurrence of accidents and loss of capital, and it is also possible that the contractor and insurers as a result of negligence or human error may cause damages to third parties who are legally liable. Engineering insurance is one of the property insurance and, as its name suggests, is to cover the activities of engineers in various fields.

In the mid-nineteenth century and after the Industrial Revolution, the increase in the use of boilers in the British industrial sector and the occurrence of boiler explosions and severe injuries and human and financial losses, caused the users of these devices in 1854 in Manchester. The British came together to form the Boiler Users’ Association. The organization regularly visited the boilers through expert experts and provided consulting opinions to the users.

Division مهند Engineering insurance classification
A) Construction insurance of engineering insurance includes:

  • Full installation risk insurance (EAR).
  • Contractors full risk insurance (CAR).

B) Operation insurance of engineering insurance including:

  • Contractors’ Equipment and Machinery Insurance (CPM).
  • Risk Insurance of Completed Structures (CECR).
  • Machine failure insurance (MB).
  • Non-profit insurance due to machine failure (MLOP).
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance (EE).
  • Refrigeration Corruption Insurance (DOS).
  • Basic and hidden building defects insurance (LDB).

Virtual training course for technicians (technicians) of engineering insurance:

  • Ability to review the requirements of engineering insurance insurers
  • Ability to guide the insurance insurer
  • Ability to review and control engineering insurance customers’ questionnaires
  • Ability to calculate the desired engineering insurance rate
  • Ability to communicate with insurance system processes
  • Ability to implement quality assurance standards

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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