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  • November 3, 2021
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The Marketer E-Learning

Virtual Marketer Training: A marketer is a person who specializes in sales and with a professional and sharp eye for a product or service identifies the necessary customers and sells his product. Therefore, the title of the word marketer will not include everyone. An inability of a marketer to offer products or services may have the opposite effect, causing a collection to suffer losses instead of growth. An example is common among business people who say that if someone has learned the job of selling professionally and can sell a simple vending machine, he will also be able to sell a huge factory.

What you will learn in the virtual marketer training course:

  • Apply basic, medium and advanced growth techniques to your or your company’s campaigns
  • Know the principles of the psychology of advertising and persuasion
  • Design and launch your email advertising campaign
  • Design and predict the growth path of your company or product
  • Apply the tensile distribution model in your company or company
  • Design and run your first Google adwords campaign
  • Design and run your Facebook advertising campaign
  • Analyze other types of ads and their suitability for each campaign
  • Know the principles of the company and the brand of the product
  • Look for available marketing and growth opportunities and decide
  • Put together personal portfolios that increase their chances of getting hired
  • Use ways to use free work to increase their exposure before applying for work
  • Know what you expect for marketing opportunities during the interview

Who is the right marketer training course?

  • Anyone who is interested in marketing and wants to start a career in it
  • Anyone who is familiar with the concepts of marketing and wants to learn marketing growth specifically in the field
  • Anyone looking to transition to marketing or growth
  • Anyone interested in running more efficient campaigns and using professional long funnel methods for their personal careers

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Familiarity with common businesses and common business concepts is useful, but not necessary
  • No marketing knowledge required

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