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  • November 3, 2021
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Treasury Accounting E-Learning

Virtual Treasury Accounting Training: Treasury accounting is divided into two parts: cash accounting operations and non-cash accounting operations. Treasury accounting software is a widely used and simple system by which accounting documents are issued automatically. In fact, this software can be considered as a subset of international accounting software and business accounting software. Treasury accounting software is derived from predefined rules along with a combination of other accounting systems such as sales and logistics and… Which manages turnover and accounting affairs.

Treasury accounting is in the field of finance and business – accounting and has tasks such as receipt and payment management, collection agent operations, bank counter operations, and… This competency is related to accountants working in organizations and economic institutions and…

Treasury Accounting Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Ability to analyze the treasury system
  • Ability to receive and pay and issue a document and collection agent
  • Ability to calculate bank discrepancies and salary operations
  • Ability to provide financial facilities
  • Ability to calculate warranty operations
  • Ability to calculate year-end operations and system reports

Description of the duties of the Treasury Accountant in a specialized way:

  • Record receipt and payment documents
  • Record checks received from accounts
  • Issuance of payment checks according to the payment order
  • Delivery and payment receipts from the check to the customer
  • Receive and. Registration of checks, promissory notes and guarantees by the parties to the accounts
  • Timely alarms to provide funding for issued checks

Other tasks:

  • Schedule for payment of checks to accounts
  • Delivery of guarantee documents of the parties to the accounts after receiving the confirmations
  • Schedule and request to issue a new batch of checks
  • Registration of checks and payment documents in the system
  • Submitting any relevant reports and all matters assigned to the Treasury by the company.
  • Payment of employees’ salaries according to the current regulations of current asset management

Treasury Accounting Virtual Training Course Prerequisites:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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