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  • November 3, 2021
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UML Programming E-Learning

A virtual UML programming language tutorial has been created to get acquainted with the UML programming language. Unified Modeling Language, or Unemployment, is a standard all-purpose modeling language in software engineering developed by the Object Management Group. UML contains a number of graphical elements that combine to form UML diagrams. The purpose of using different diagrams in UML is to provide different views of the system. As civil engineers prepare different plans of building to build a building, we use UML diagrams to create different views of the software. The point that you must pay attention to is that: UML model Explains what a system should do, but says nothing about how to implement the system.

What is the UML language?
UML is a standard modeling language for software engineers. Just as drawing a plan for civil engineers is a model that examines a structure from different angles before it is built, so does Unified Modeling Language to build and develop a software product.

In this course, we will introduce the UML modeling language and we will see how this language supports object-oriented concepts. In the UML programming language course, in addition to UML diagrams, the student will be introduced to the concepts of object-oriented analysis and design. UML diagrams are a prerequisite for mastering object-oriented analysis and design. Basically, students in this course are divided into two categories. UML Readers and UML Writers are the first to be able to read UML diagrams and extract the information needed for tasks such as programming and so on. And the second category is those who can create UML diagrams.

List of UML Virtual Programming Language Course Topics:

  • UML programming language
  • Rational Rose
  • Application of uml
  • Rational Rose software

The UML programming language course is useful for the following disciplines:
software engineering
Prerequisites for UML programming language course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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