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  • November 3, 2021
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University Accounting E-Learning

Virtual accounting education of universities: Higher education institutions of the country and universities have an important role in the development of the culture and destiny of a country. They use community resources as well as provide services. The continuation of such a relationship and the consent of both parties require that the communication and accountability of these institutions to society be transparent. For this purpose, complete, accurate, and transparent reporting of universities and higher education institutions is essential. Accordingly, universities and institutions of higher education to achieve this goal must seek comprehensive criteria and standards to provide a complete, comprehensive, and transparent report based on them.

Accounting is the process of analyzing expenses and business operations to prepare internal financial reports, records, and accounts to assist managers in the decision-making process in achieving the goals of the organization. In other words, it is the understanding of financial and cost data and turning that data into useful information for managing an organization. Regarding the accounting profession, it should be said that it is a sensitive job because it contains calculations related to businesses, and if it happens in the wrong numbers, it can cause more problems. In this course, we will deal with many accounting concepts of universities.

University Virtual Accounting Training Course Topics:
Accounting and theoretical concepts of financial reporting

Basic financial statements and explanatory notes

Income identification

Inventory accounting

Accounting for tangible fixed assets and intangible assets

Investing in securities

Long-term debt – bonds (bonds)


Rent accounting


Branch accounting and currency exchange

Segment Reporting – Intermediate Reporting

Accounting for price changes

Consolidated Financial Statements

Government accounting and financial control

Who is the University Accounting Virtual Training course useful for?

Anyone who wants to understand accounting tools and techniques.
Anyone who wants to improve their management and accounting knowledge.

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