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  • November 4, 2021
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Access E-Learning

Access virtual training is created for people to become fully acquainted with access. Access is a simple and efficient software for building databases and creating small applications to access the necessary information and calculations on them. Access database files created with the MDB extension can be used in most programming languages. For this reason, most applications that do not require large and complex databases use Access.

You will start with an overview of this course and learn how to get started with Microsoft Access. You will then learn three major data problems that Access solves completely.

Once you understand how to solve these three major data problems, with sections of the access page, table and report table objects, qu objects and query properties, advanced form objects and tables, advanced queries and reports, advanced forms And you will learn how to automate items here.

The chapters of the Access Virtual Training Course are:
Understand how to build Access and how to use the main major objects in it.
Discover three major data problems that can be completely overcome.
Learn parts of the access page.
Learn table objects, tables, reports, and queries.
Master the properties to manage thousands of choices.
Learn the basics of form objects.
Understand tables, tools, reports, and forms thoroughly.
Use the automation form in your forms using buttons and macros.
Create a multi-page invoice.
Install Microsoft Office 2010 or later.
General knowledge of working with Windows.
You do not need prior Microsoft Access knowledge.
Who is this course for:
Anyone who is unhappy with the way data is handled right now knows there is a better way.
Anyone who has ever tried to learn Access without success.
Entrepreneurs, office workers, teachers, and students who want to work with databases.
Prerequisites for the access course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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