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  • November 4, 2021
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Administrative And Professional Skills To Work With Computer E-Learning

Virtual training of professional and administrative skills of working with a computer, professional and administrative skills of working with computer in the field of information technology. Powerpoint Advanced is working with office automation systems and national and device systems. This competency is related to all jobs, especially government employees.

Note: Certificates of attendance in professional-technical courses for this course can be issued for 8 hours.

Virtual training courses for professional and administrative computer skills:

  • Excel Virtual Tutorial
  • PowerPoint training
  • Word training
  • Office automation software
  • Office automation
  • Office Automation Guide

Summary of this course:
One of the integral components of the administrative department of any organization or company is administrative correspondence. The use of office automation systems as a new method has created a new chapter of information production and circulation and communication in these centers. On the other hand, it has accelerated the workflow. And it has increased accuracy and reliability and reduced costs.

Morvarid office automation software is designed based on the model of activities of public sector organizations, government, and industrial and commercial institutions and with the ability to define the workflow system, will optimize the process of operations and prevent waste of time and documents, as well as optimal registration and storage of information. شد. And it can meet the needs of all these centers well.

This system is a powerful tool for administrative tasks, correspondence cycle and also an efficient tool for monitoring the flow of correspondence in the organization. So that all actions such as letter entry, registration, referrals, copies, and even letter review are registered by the system. And controlled.

Prerequisites for the course of professional and administrative skills of working with computers:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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