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  • November 4, 2021
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Administrative Software User E-Learning

Virtual training of office software users is one of the jobs in the field of information technology. This course includes OFFICE training.

Summary of this course:

After studying the Excel section, the student is expected to:

  • Be able to work with components of the Excel software environment such as tabs and page magnification.
  • Be able to enter information into cells and store it.
  • Be able to copy the values ​​of a cell to adjacent cells using the AutoFill feature.
  • Recognize the relative and absolute address of the cell.
  • Be able to create a new template and use it.

After studying the access section, the student is expected to:

  • Explain the structure of database systems and its types in Access software;
  • Explain the concepts of relational database systems;
  • Database design in Access software;
  • Normalize relational database tables;
  • Explain English words and text related to the content of the work unit.

After studying the PowerPoint section, the student is expected to:

  • Describe the features of the 2007 PowerPoint software environment.
  • Know the basics of creating a new show.
  • Explain the various methods of creating demo files.
  • Save and reopen a demo file.
  • Use different layouts of slides.
  • Delete and add slides in PowerPoint software

After studying the video section, the student is expected to:

  • How to work with Stencils
  • Familiarity with bugs in Visio software
  • Print
  • Page management
  • Add images
  • Application of layers
  • Bug and text management in Visual Software
  • Work with diagrams and connections
  • Line-Curve Connector
  • Type text on connecting lines

Office software user virtual training course topics:

  1. Word
  2. PowerPoint
  3. Excel
  4. Visio
  5. One Note
  6. Share Point
  7. Access
  8. Office software user

Prerequisites for the administrative software user training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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