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  • November 4, 2021
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Computer Operator ICDL 1 E-Learning

ICDL Grade 1 Virtual Computer Training is designed to familiarize you with the general concepts of ICDL and the application of Grade 1. ICDL work computer is one of the competencies in the field of information technology. Tasks such as word processing with Word, working with Excel spreadsheets, working with an Access database, and presenting content with Powerpoint can be considered. This competency is related to all jobs that have computer applications and computer use.

What is ICDL?
ICDL stands for International Computer Driving License and, as mentioned, is an international computer certification. In fact, the ICDL course is a global and international certification for computer skills, developed in 1995 by the European Society of Informatics Professionals.

In 1995, the European Association of IT Professionals developed this special approach to improving IT skills across Europe. The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) (European Computer Driving License) was recognized with the start of training and testing in Finland.

In 1996, this training method and certification was first introduced in Sweden and gradually throughout Europe and internationally, and today it is known as the ICDL Certificate.

Introducing first-class icdl:
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft Office Access
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
List of ICDL Grade 1 Virtual Computer Training Course Topics:

  • General concepts
  • Working with Windows 7 computer
  • Working with Windows 7 (1)
  • Word software training
  • Power point software training
  • Exel software training
  • Access software training
  • Internet
  • Computer typing skills

The ICDL Grade 1 Virtual Work Course is useful for the following disciplines:
It works for everyone.
Prerequisites for ICDL Grade 1 Computer Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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