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  • November 4, 2021
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Digital Encryption And Signature E-Learning

Virtual Learning Encryption and Digital Signature: Cryptography is one of the core technologies in the Chinese blockchain that enables the secure transmission or storage of information through mathematical techniques. Even if the data transmission route and communication channels or data storage is insecure. Cryptography is the knowledge of changing the text of a message or information with the help of a password key using a password algorithm. In such a way that only the person who knows the key and the algorithm is able to extract the main information from the encrypted information. And a person who does not know one or both of them will not be able to access the information.

A digital signature is a process by which the authenticity of a digital message is verified. A valid digital signature assures the recipient that the message was sent by the original sender and the sender. Nor can it deny the message it sent. In addition, the message itself is protected from alteration.

more details:
Digital signatures are commonly used to implement electronic signatures. An electronic signature is a broader concept that refers to any type of electronic data that contains a type of signature. But not all electronic signatures use digital signatures. The concept of electronic signature is initially scanned by linear signature in cases where it was possible to forge. Or many documents required the signature of a single person. Was raised.

What you will learn in the digital encryption and signature training course:

  • Students gain a thorough understanding of the types of encryption and how to use it
  • How background encryption works with Python and how it can be implemented with GnuPG
    Who is suitable for virtual encryption and digital signature training course:
  • Security and privacy professionals, security managers or any professional who manages electronic data. Beginner Python students and programmers

Prerequisites for digital encryption and signature course:

  • Basic understanding or desire to learn Python scripting.
  • Some basic Linux commands

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