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  • November 4, 2021
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Digital Product Design E-Learning

Virtual product design training is created to get acquainted with digital products and product design. A digital product is any product that exists in an intangible format, such as a file, that can be downloaded, distributed, or translated into physical media (such as an e-book), but the main point about digital products is their ability to interact through technology. Is.

Digital products may include audio files, e-books, checklists, downloadable workbooks, printable templates, mobile or desktop applications, graphics, and PSD files.

Product design is the transformation of a mental idea into a product to be presented to the customer. The first step in product design is a simple mental idea that after careful review, analysis and refinement will become a successful product to present to the customer. In addition to mastering UI design and user experience, you will need the ability to analyze business and information in the field of product management and marketing to design a digital product. The knowledge you will gain during the digital product design course.

Advantages of digital products over physical products:
Selling physical products is profitable, but there are obstacles along the way that lower profits. Unpredictable costs are the main factor in reducing the profit rate of online sales of physical products. Another factor that keeps users from shopping is that they often have to create a new account to shop online.

However, both factors mentioned in the sale of digital products have been removed. During the sale of the file, the user does not have to pay for shipping and only needs to download the file, also because you do not need to know the address of your users for the file store, there is no need to create an account.

Another advantage of selling a digital product is that you do not need to guarantee the quality and insurance of the products when selling the file. For example, in the sale of physical products, there may be a problem with the product during transportation, warehousing, or at home (which is often paid for by the buyer in advance). Another important advantage of selling a digital product is the elimination of intermediaries.

List of digital product design virtual training courses:

  • Digital product
  • Prepare print files
  • Manufacturing industries
  • New product development

Digital product design virtual training course is useful for the following disciplines:

  • Graphics
  • Design
  • Art

Prerequisites for digital product design training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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