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  • November 4, 2021
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Electronic Citizen E_learning

E-citizen e-learning is up-to-date knowledge to get acquainted with the basic concepts of e-citizenship. Of course, in spite of many issues and problems related to air pollution, noise pollution, traffic, energy loss, and the importance of time, the need to build a platform and implement government and e-services is very important.

An e-citizen is someone who has the ability to perform everyday tasks that give him or her a variety of roles throughout life with the help of electronic tools.

All human beings play different roles throughout their lives. For each of us, in the role of child, parents, near and far relatives, businessman, businessman, employee, manager, producer, student, student, teacher, professor, university president, and dozens of other small and large roles are considered tasks. Which we deal with on a daily basis. Until now, we used to do these tasks with the help of current methods, but today, electronic tools have made it much easier, faster, and cheaper to do things and perform citizenship tasks.

What are the benefits of expanding e-citizenship?
The main benefits of implementing e-citizenship in our country are increasing social justice, reducing referral to banks, covering the limitation of suitable educational space, especially at the level of higher education, due to a large number of applicants in the country, reducing metropolitan traffic, reducing fuel consumption. Country, reduction of intra-city and sub-city trips, an increase of efficiency, significant reduction of manpower costs, reduction of client visits to offices, reduction of the possibility of receiving and paying bribes, correct, fast and timely information, growth and development of culture and The art is to increase the satisfaction of the audience, reduce government spending and the possibility of receiving the correct tax from taxpayers that can be mentioned.

The Internet and other new means of communication have created new ways of living in human life today. There are many benefits to using online services, such as reducing air pollution, reducing traffic, reducing fuel consumption, reducing costs, speeding things up, and dozens of other benefits.

List of e-citizen virtual education courses:

  • Most used Windows tools
  • Windows 7 tutorial
  • The best of Windows
  • Advanced operating system 1
  • Electronic citizen
  • Learn how to use e-mail
  • Windows 7 guide
  • E-learning booklet
  • Comprehensive Photoshop tutorial
  • PowerPoint training
  • Advanced Excel training
  • Step by step tutorial
  • Advanced PowerPoint training
  • Microsoft Word 2019 training

The e-citizen virtual training course is useful for the following disciplines:
Information and Communications Technology
Prerequisites for e-Citizen Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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