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  • November 4, 2021
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Electronic Content Producer In The Training Process E-Learning

Virtual training The producer of electronic content in the training process is one of the occupations in the field of information technology. Any content is other than what appears on paper and is provided to the reader in writing, such as newspapers, books, magazines, letters, and electronic content. Plain text, the files we use to present content, HTML content, video and audio files, animation files, PDF files, all of these are electronic content. This job is related to all content production and content management jobs.

The issue of content production in e-learning courses (Learning-e) is of particular importance. One of the problems in e-learning is that most implementers of e-learning courses use existing training content and place it on computer screens.
The maximum amount of interaction with learners is reading the text on the screen and clicking to go to the next page. The text should be used in e-learning courses. In this regard, it is necessary to give more responsibility to the texts. In other words, texts have more meaning.

Of course, for any site that produces content, it is absolutely necessary to follow the rules of SEO in a reasonable and professional way, and in no way can we ignore the main rules of SEO and say that for the satisfaction of the audience, we produce only content that is liked by the audience.
In content production these days, someone is successful who can produce content that can be both attractive and audience-friendly content and acceptable in terms of SEO.

List of e-learning course titles of the electronic content producer of the training process:
PowerPoint software training
Learn how to make and edit movies
Learn how to convert movie formats
Audio file editing tutorial
Electronic test making training
Electronic content production training
The e-content production virtual training course is useful in the training process for the following disciplines:
This course can be used for any field.
Prerequisites for the electronic content producer training course in the training process:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning

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