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  • November 4, 2021
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Electronic Marketing E_learning

Electronic marketing (e-marketing): E-marketing pursues the same goals as traditional marketing, with the difference that e-marketing seeks to innovate by using innovative tools and methods of new technology. Areas of study include e-marketing, e-marketing, customer relationship management, marketing planning, application recognition, and opportunity selection, advanced Internet marketing for e-marketing, and e-marketing data preparation. He pointed out in the field of work. To attract a customer, the company’s online activities must be profitable for him. He should also be provided with a variety of services. Services and facilities that motivate the customer to buy (present and future). Therefore, the content of the website and the services provided on the website should take into account the personal wishes and interests of the customer and even provide opportunities for him to create personal sections (such as the services provided by Yahoo).

E-marketing can be related to freelance school management jobs, marketing managers of companies, guilds and factories and sales and services, small businesses and home-based businesses. The more you know about your customers (needs, wants, interests, and tastes), the more effective your e-marketing process will be.

Advantages of e-marketing training:
Profitability to the customer
Ability to provide services and information required by the customer online
Ability to control and navigate the website
Integrate e-marketing activities with other activities
List of e-marketing virtual training topics:

  • Introduction to e-commerce
  • Barriers and solutions for e-commerce
  • Advanced e-commerce and marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Strategic marketing management
  • Sales and its techniques
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business negotiation

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Introduction to the Internet and the Web

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