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  • November 4, 2021
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Engineer In Developing Enterprise Webs With ASP-NET E-Learning

Engineer Virtual Training in Enterprise Web Development with ASP-NET, designed to provide people with a thorough understanding of the tasks of an engineer in web development. Engineering in Enterprise Web Development with ASP.NET is a computer engineer who with his knowledge can perform tasks in computer engineering teams in analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance and consulting and researching systems, and other similar cases. Slowly

In this course, you will learn the ASP.NET web development program from the beginning. ASP.NET is the most popular web programming language on the market today and has been offering it for many years. This course will give you what you want to start and end as a web developer using # ASP.NET C Offers.

After applying the principles and controls of #ASP.NET C using Visual Studio and database management, we will begin together in a practical implementation of what we have learned by creating real projects and systems. This course helps you build Enterprise Systems (ES), ES is a large-scale application software package that supports business processes, information flow, reporting, and data analysis in simple or complex organizations. This course will teach you how to actually implement projects and real examples throughout the course, and this is very important for those who want to be a professional in web development using # ASP.NET C.

Virtual Engineer Training Course in Enterprise Web Development with ASP-NET:
Create a rich graphical user interface for web applications using a rich set of controls.
Create secure web applications (authentication and licensing).
Deploy web applications.
Understand how to analyze a database for your enterprise system or website.
Learn how to create a database for your enterprise system or website.
Creating organizational systems for organizations, hospitals, non-governmental organizations, universities,…
Encounter with Bootstrap Library
HTML Basics
Programming Basics
Database basics
Who is this course for:
Web developers
Database developers
Job enthusiasts
Engineer Prerequisites in Enterprise Web Development with ASP-NET:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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