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  • November 4, 2021
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HTML5 Mobile Web Development E-Learning

HTML5 Mobile Web Development Virtualization, Hypertext Markup Language, HTML or HyperText Markup Language are at the core of web page technology technology. HTML is a language for describing the structure of web pages. It is a language for markup hypertext that is used to format and design web pages. The instructions in this language are called tags, with which the content of a web page is marked, thus describing how that page is displayed in web browsers.

The language was invented by Dennis Ritchie during the 1990s. Whether you are learning HTML for the first time or adding it to your reference library, you will find that the AppDev tutorial contains complete and readable content that is unique. Responsive design is a type of web design in which the pages of a site respond to the device being viewed, which can be a PC browser, tablet or phone browser, and thus the HTML site viewer in a neat and tidy way. Will see without the need to scroll or change the zoom.

What you will learn in the HTML5 Mobile Web Development Virtual Course:

  • Create a homepage with HTML.
  • Use CSS to add essential style to your page.
  • Understand the basic concepts of programming (variables, conditions, loops, categories, functions and arrays) using JavaScript.
  • Use JavaScript, Document Object Model, and HTML to build a basic interactive web page.
  • Learn how a scene works in the simpleGame library. And how these elements add space and time to your game.
  • Build and learn a basic Sprite object. How to make custom sprites to show every element of the game you can imagine.
  • Practice object-oriented programming to create complex and interesting game objects that can respond to user input, collisions, and other game events.
  • Manage standard game events such as input, border detection and collision.
  • How to manage sound effects with HTML.
  • Learn to use the mouse and keyboard for the user’s initial input.
  • Discover how physics can be used for more interesting controls such as space vehicles, real acceleration and slip.
  • Expand your games to mobile platforms with touch input and tilt. And learn how to add icons and full-screen HTML behavior to your games.
  • Learn not only the HTML code, but also the process of making your game from idea to reality.
  • Explore the SimpleGame engine. And see how it does the magic. Learn how to expand it for even more power.

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