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  • November 4, 2021
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Internet Network Troubleshooting E-Learning

Virtual Network Troubleshooting Tutorial You must have encountered a number of problems when setting up your home or business network. Many of these problems are easily solved. But provided you are already familiar with the solutions. In this course, how to establish a network conversation from beginning to end is well explained. And you can find out why the network is down. To solve a particular problem, a basic understanding of networking is required. However, troubleshooting a network does not require a deep and extensive specialized understanding of the network.

If you know the basic idea of ​​network structure and if you know which part is involved with which part and how information flows in the network, it will be very easy to find the problem area. Once you find the area of ​​the suspected problem, you use basic troubleshooting techniques to identify which part is causing the problem.

The purpose of the virtual network troubleshooting course:
Troubleshooting network problems is a key skill for a wide range of IT professionals and networking professionals. In this course, you will learn the skills and tools you need to get started with network troubleshooting. With an overview of how network problems occur, including the underlying TCP / IP problems and their causes, you can get help with some common home and wireless network problems.

This course covers most of the problems of corporate wireless networks and how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi interference.

Troubleshooting your network goes beyond diagnosing TCP / IP problems. In my course on Network Troubleshooting, you will learn how to troubleshoot wired and Wi-Fi network problems, VPN problems for road warriors, and most importantly, if you encounter a storm of network problems.

Prerequisites for Internet Network Troubleshooting Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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