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  • November 4, 2021
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Introduction Of Cinema And TV Editing E-Learning

Virtual training in cinema and television editing has made people familiar with the principles of cinema and television editing. From the moment you turn on your TV, all the documentaries, feature films, studio productions, music videos,… are all under the control of one editor. Advertising teasers, industrial and educational films have all had an editor.

Film editing is one of the last steps in filmmaking that takes place after the production of the film, during which the footage in the raw film is selected and linked, and converted into sequences to reach the final film. In the world of film, “editing” plays the same role as the mind in reality. This course combines my personal experience as a cinematographer, my education as a filmmaker, and my experience in producing online courses. We start with a theory lesson on film and storytelling, to learn practical lessons in the field of camera techniques and the basics of photography with our tools and hands. This course will also cover important topics such as sound and light and will prepare people to the fullest.

Virtual training course topics Introduction to cinema and television editing:
You will learn how to write a story and how to translate it into digital media by creating quality video content.
Who is this course for:
Someone interested in learning how to use probability and statistics in business or science.
requirements :
All steps. If you have internet at home, you can connect to WIFI which is enough. Just set up and enjoy.
Prerequisites for the course of introduction to cinema and television:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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