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  • November 4, 2021
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MikroTik Certified Inter-Networking Engineer (MTCINE) E-Learning

Microtek Intranet Engineer Virtual Training helps you to get acquainted with and set up routing methods by BGP protocol as well as establish connections between different branches in the MPLS platform. The BGP routing protocol can be used to introduce the networks of each router to other routers within an Autonomous System or AS, which is called iBGP, and communication between different routers that are in separate ASs can be established by eBGP.

What is Microtek?
Mikrotik is the name of a company in Latvia that manufactures computer networking and wireless telecommunications equipment. It can be said that the most important product of this company is Mikrotik RouterOS operating system. Microtek is a routing operating system built using the Linux kernel. The Microtek operating system was founded in 1995 by two students at MIT in the United States using a version of the Linux operating system. Simultaneously with the start of using the 802.11 standards in wireless technology, the possibility of using this technology in this operating system was also increased. One of the company’s goals is to provide equipment similar to Cisco products at a much lower price. At Mobinhost, we have provided a virtual server for those interested in working with Microtek.

Network engineering based on microtech equipment is a subfield of information technology. The merits of this job include analyzing, designing, and setting up advanced computer network protocols and services based on Microtek routers.

Advantages of Microtek Intranet Engineer Virtual Training Course:
Increase practical knowledge of routing between networks
Improving the working position in the IT department
Increase the ability to design and implement IP networks
List of Microtek Intranet Engineer Virtual Training Course Topics:
BGP routing protocol
Microtic Application Reference
What is MPLS?
The Microtek Internet Engineer course is useful for the following disciplines:
Prerequisites for Microtek Internet Engineer Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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