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  • November 4, 2021
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Productivity Management E-Learning

Virtual training in productivity management is a key process in increasing competitiveness, achieving sustainable growth, and long-term profitability of manufacturing and service organizations. Productivity is a mental concept and an attitude that seeks to continuously improve the status quo. This concept is based on the idea that we can do better today than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.
Productivity management requires that the organization continuously and based on a process-oriented approach, adapt its activities to the changing conditions of the business, and thus enable the creation of value for all stakeholders of the organization.
Productivity is the relationship between the outputs and inputs used and is calculated based on measuring the effectiveness (Effectiveness) and Efficiency (Efficiency) of organizations in producing output. In order to achieve competitive advantage and productivity management in a systematic way, organizations need to implement a comprehensive production management system.

What is productivity?
According to the definition provided by economic and managerial experts, productivity shows the relationship between the use of factors of production and the product produced. That is why productivity is considered to be a combination of efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is the concept of doing the right thing and is related to the efficient use of resources, that is, to get the most out of the minimum inputs. Effectiveness is right in the sense of work. This means that with less consumption of inputs, more products may be produced, but this product does not have the desired quality desired by the consumer. According to experts, there is efficiency in this case, but because the product lacks the necessary quality, it is not effective and can not satisfy the consumer.

The four productivity levers are:
• Increase sales revenue (output)
• Increase output per cost per unit of output (output)
• Optimization of labor use (input)
• Optimization of capital use (input)

List of productivity virtual training courses:
Productivity management
Importance and challenges of productivity
Approaches and techniques to improve productivity
Productivity and measurement techniques
Quality Management and Productivity
National Organization Law
Productivity virtual training course is useful for the following disciplines:
System and efficiency
Prerequisites for productivity management training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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