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  • November 4, 2021
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Website Design With PHP E-Learning

Virtual training of programming and website design in PHP language: There are two methods of website design, one is static and the other is dynamic. Static web design is a type of web design in which the web is implemented solely using HTML and CSS. And the website is not connected to a database for reading content. A static website does not have a control panel for managing website content. And only a web designer can make the necessary changes to a website. The era of static website design is now over. A dynamic website, on the other hand, communicate with the database through server-side programming languages. And stores the necessary information in the database and collects it from the database.

Dynamic website also has a control panel through which you can manage the content of the website. There are several server-side programming languages ​​for communicating with the database, one of which is PHP. PHP is more popular for implementing sites due to its open-source nature.

Today, a very high percentage of sites are run by the PHP programming language. Open source means that a large user community is trying to develop PHP for free. And each member of this user community uses the facilities created to implement their website. PHP site design is very common today. Because the speed of implementing the website is higher and the cost of designing the site with PHP is lower than other methods.

Benefits of PHP Training:
PHP + has an Embed property, meaning that php code can also be placed between html tags, it can also be said to be a scripting language.

  • Execute your code independently of the work environment
  • Run on server
  • Communication with various databases such as: mysql, oracle, access, sqlite and…
  • High performance
  • Library for most common web tasks
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use and use, php is one of the easiest programming languages

Php + can be written both procedurally and object-oriented

List of PHP Virtual Programming and Web Design Tutorials:

  • PHP coding tutorial
  • Website design tutorial with PHP 1
  • Website design training with PHP2
  • Website design in Mysql, Php
  • Php language training and development
  • Php from the root

PHP course prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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