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  • November 4, 2021
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Working With ICDL-Excel Spreadsheet E-Learning ICDL

Virtual Tutorial for Working with Excel Spreadsheet Excel is a spreadsheet program. Spreadsheets are programs that store textual and numeric information in tabular form. The tabular structure of the pages of such programs enables users to use formulas to communicate information between them. In Excel, many complex calculations can be performed through predefined functions. Common examples include the sum function, mean, maximum determination, minimum determination, numerical data count, conditional count, and… Named. In addition to formulas and functions, this program offers other capabilities for organizing pages and managing them. Features such as information retrieval and data sorting also make it easy to work with large volumes of data. Extensive commands for formatting data and plotting charts based on table data also feature that Excel offers to better report.

Summary of this course:

Excel spreadsheet software allows you to enter data in rows and columns. After entering the data, operations such as calculations, sorting and filtering are performed on them, and this data can also be printed and charts based on them.

After studying the Excel section, the student is expected to:

  • Be able to work with components of the Excel software environment such as tabs and page magnification.
  • Be able to enter information into cells and store it.
  • Be able to copy the values ​​of a cell to adjacent cells using the AutoFill feature.
  • Recognize the relative and absolute address of the cell.
  • Be able to create a new template and use it.

What you will learn in the Excel spreadsheet virtual training course:
Learn Microsoft Excel + from the beginning.

  • Explore and learn important functions in Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn how to analyze data using Excel.
  • Learn about PivotTable and use it for analysis
  • Learn how to do basic calculations.
  • Learn Excel using practical examples.

Prerequisites for the Excel spreadsheet course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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