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  • November 6, 2021
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BES 6001 Building Materials Standard E-Learning

Virtual training on building materials standard BES 6001, BES 6001 standard has been published. To enable product production to ensure construction and then prove that their products are made with standard ingredients. This standard is a framework for organizational governance, supply chain management, and environmental and social aspects. Which should be used to address the assurance of the person in charge of ordering construction and building materials.
Independent third-party assessment and certification against the requirements of BES 6001 and then the organization’s ability to demonstrate an effective system to ensure the existence of a responsible order and the non-validation of any claims made.
BES 6001 belongs to any organization that manufactures construction materials from basic products such as cement and steel to concrete pipes and blocks, windows, flooring, tile roofs, plastics, wood products.

In general, this standard is divided into three parts:

Supply Chain Management Requirements
Requirements for sustainable development management
Organizational management requirements

In order to keep this course up to date, the educational resource is provided in the form of the main language. Therefore, familiarity with English is recommended to participate in this course.

Benefits of the BES 6001 Vertical Building Materials Virtual Training Course:

With specific policies and goals, business risks are reduced.
reduction in costs
A competitive advantage
Increase employee commitment
Increase credibility for human resource liability claims
Increase more competitive opportunities and prospects

Prerequisites for the BES 6001 Standard Building Materials Course:

The BES 6001 building materials standard course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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