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  • November 6, 2021
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FPGA E-Learning

Virtual training FPGA training makes people familiar and ready to use. FPGA is used in many applications today. And with most devices using “smart” features, they become commonplace in design. Prior to FPGAs, microcontrollers were used exclusively to incorporate new features into embedded products. Due to the limited processing of microcontrollers by new products, FPGA is an option to solve this problem.

This course is designed to teach students what FPGA is and what its uses are. In this course, students can also see the step-by-step tutorial on creating a project in Vivado (a tool used to develop FPGA projects). And schedule a development board. This first part of the course provides an overview of FPGA levels and how to plan them. After completing this course, you will learn what FPGA is, how it is used, and what kind of programs it offers best. You will also understand the design process of how to program FPGA so that you can start implementing your designs on FPGA.

What is FPGA?
FPGA is one of the technologies that has entered the industry in recent years and has appeared very well in the field of digital electronics and is used today in many important industrial projects, especially telecommunication projects. It discusses the overall structure of the FPGA and its internal components, as well as its various technologies. Tips on using and choosing an FPGA are given. How to translate and compile a project and debug it, and test the project in the form of simulation and time analysis, and finally how to program inside an FPGA IC.

Basic understanding of digital circuits
Interested in learning more about FPGAs
What you will learn in the FPGA virtual training course:
What is a better understanding of FPGA?

Steps required to implement a design within the FPGA.

When should FPGAs be used in microprocessors?

Who is this course for:
Electronics enthusiasts
Prerequisites of FPGA training course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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