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  • November 6, 2021
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Laptop Repairman E-Learning

Virtual laptop repair training, while the price of laptops in recent years has been declining due to the advent of tablets and other portable systems. But you still have to spend a lot of money to upgrade a laptop and its components. The Iranian Virtual Education Foundation has published the only source for upgrading laptops. Before that, there was no resource for this training. A version that all laptop owners should have.

In this training course, you will be taught how to upgrade your laptop and its technical properties even better than the manufacturer. If until now, how to repair, upgrade hardware and update your laptop was vague and incomprehensible to you, by participating in the laptop repair training course, you will easily find out.
Iranian Virtual Education Foundation, with the benefit of the best computer science specialists, has tried to present the educational process of this course in a simple and understandable way. That even novice enthusiasts can benefit from it and learn this training course up to the specialized level.

What you will learn in the virtual laptop repair training course:

  • Laptop repair step by step from beginner to expert level

Laptop Repair Training Prerequisites:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

The main highlights of the course:

  • This laptop repair course is intended for a beginner or technically experienced person. If you understand physics and electronics, it will be useful. After completing this course, you will be equipped with the skills needed to repair a laptop.

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