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  • November 6, 2021
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Linux Systems Security Technician E-Learning

Linux Systems Technician Virtual Training is designed to familiarize you with systems security. Are you worried about hackers hacking locally or remotely into your system? So this is the period you are looking for! You will learn how to secure your system from such attacks. Due to the lack of information about security attacks, managers now have difficulty dealing with these attackers quickly. Linux is the first choice for an attacker, and more administrators have moved to the system to create a network or server for each task.

You’ll start by discovering some of the tools that hackers use to attack your servers, such as NMAP, Reverse IP, and DDoS Attack. Secure your Linux server with firewalls and SSL encryption. Also, learn how to prevent server misuse such as DDoS Protection, tightening login security protocols, and more. Towards the end, you will become a better Linux administrator by strengthening your Linux security skills.

What you will learn in this Linux Virtual Security Technician Virtual Tutorial:
Harden your Linux server with DDoS Protection, public keys, and more.
Protect your Linux server with memory security, use of security banners, and PW management.
Do not disappoint hackers by launching services such as IP Spoofing Prevention, SSL Security, and more.
مختلف Browse various network security methods (including firewalls) using tables and TCP Wrapper.
. Explore various security tools including Port Sentry, Squid Proxy, Shorewall, and many more.
SUse SUID / SGID to discover the security of your local system.
باط Secure communication with VPNs.

Who is the Linux Systems Security Technician course for:
All those Linux users who are already familiar with Linux filesystems and management and want to protect servers from vulnerabilities and attacks.
System administrators and network engineers who are interested in creating security in their Linux environment
Prerequisites for Linux Systems Technician Basics Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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