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  • November 6, 2021
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Making Mobile Games With GameSalad E-Learning

Virtual tutorial for making mobile games with gamesalad: To make a game, you must have great skills in coding in the languages ​​used in game development. But if you are interested in making a game and do not have the patience to code, you should go to special software that provides a platform for making games without coding. Of course, if you want to work professionally in this field, you should definitely learn coding. Fortunately, there are many game development tools out there today that save you the hassle of learning programming. These tools have a simple user interface with which you can add various elements to the game by dragging and dropping.

Other features include an event logging system, a graphical editor, defining different behaviors for game elements, a high-level editor, and special effects. These tools are provided to you and thus are tools that facilitate the development of the game and save time and energy. Kids are naturally excited about building, whether it’s a building or a rocket. Programming can be just as fun. And the skills that kids gain through programming can help them feel successful at work. While getting them started in the digital world at high speed.

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This course is designed to help parents and educators introduce programming concepts to children of all ages, from high school to high school. David Gassner begins by describing different learning styles (auditory, motor, or visual). He then introduces mobile applications for young programmers. These programs allow them to animate graphic images using simple block-based programming. For older children, he teaches software such as Scratch for advanced animation, MIT App Inventor for Android programming, and tools that teach major languages ​​such as JavaScript and Java. The final chapter covers how children work with robots and other hardware such as the Raspberry Pi. This chapter shows how programming works in the real world.

What you will learn in the virtual tutorial for making mobile games with gamesalad:

  • Understand your child’s learning style
  • Graphic programming on iPads and PCs
  • Get everything moving
  • Learn about algorithms
  • Programming of animations, programs and games
  • Learn JavaScript and other major languages
  • Programming virtual and real robots
  • Programming hardware: Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Prerequisites of the virtual training course for making mobile games with gamesalad:

  • This course does not require any special training.

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