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  • November 6, 2021
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Making PC And Mobile Games With UDK E-Learning

VDK Virtual Tutorial for Making Computer and Mobile Games: The Unreal Game Engine is a 3D game engine that is actually used to create first-person shooting games. But its flexibility and complexity have made it possible to create a variety of game models with the help of this game engine. Take a look at the games designed by this game engine. You will notice that most of these games are in the style of first-person or third-person shooting. And the games designed by this engine in other genres are very few and special.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to UnrealScript. Presented by Alan Thorne, a veteran game developer and writer with over 12 years of industry experience. With a step-by-step approach, you will move from the basics of UDK configuration and its files to coding a feature-packed game with timely behavior and editor integration. Clearly and concisely, this course will take you from start to finish by creating a functional game in UnrealScript, showing the main features of the language along the way. It starts by exploring how to configure UDK files and software. And it ends with a working game involving time constraints, editor integration, Kismet custom component-based actors, and nodes.

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In general, you will see how to build a game from the beginning. Along the way, key UnrealScript features such as console commands to improve debugging, class modes to dynamically change actor behavior, custom Kismet nodes to visually control program flow, and the ability to modify class settings via text-based configuration files. And at the end of this course, you have coded a feature-packed game in UnrealScript and UDK. To achieve this, you will build a solid foundation in UnrealScript. Which you can use when making your games.

What you will learn in the virtual tutorial for making computer and mobile games with UDK:

  • Learn UDK files and folders to work with UnrealScript.
  • Configure the IDE + UDK compiler with custom console commands to write and compile code and make debugging easier.
  • Learn the basics of UnrealScript to build games and use the UnrealScript class hierarchy to build new features.
  • Learn how to create modes for working with timely behavior
  • Create customizable classes with Config files that integrate with the UDK editor
  • Create feature-packed actors for your level
  • Create custom Kismet nodes to control your game logic

Virtual training course for making computer and mobile games with UDK is suitable for who:

  • This course is intended for UnrealScript newcomers. If you have used the UDK editor before and are familiar with programming principles. This course will help you get to the next level and navigate in UnrealScript.

Prerequisites for the virtual training course for making computer and mobile games with UDK:

  • This course does not require any special prerequisites for training.

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